A Gloria - Pension Rústica

located in the middle of a dreamy landscape.

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Discover the beautiful and plentiful green that Galicia has always been famous for, while still being ‚breathed‘ on by the Atlantic sea air, making its way through the eucalyptus trees.“
Experience and explore

discover_northwest_03If peace and quiet is what you are looking for, when you stay at „A Gloria“ you will hear little more than birds singing for your pleasure or perhaps a cow mooing in the distance. Far away from city hectic, the village of Ardeleiro has around 25 - very friendly - inhabitants, some of whom work in agriculture. All this helps make „A Gloria“ the ideal place to get away from it all for you as well as your family. No traffic, no hectic, no noise, few people and the ever fresh smell of eucalyptus all around you, will quickly make you forget the reason why you came here.


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Santiago de Compostela

The city of Santiago de Compostela, capital of Galicia is a mere 50 minute drive away from „A Gloria“. Destination for the millions of pilgrims who arrive at this holy place every year along the famous „Camino de Santiago“ - Jakob’s Way. With its incredible barrocan style cathedral, second only to St. Peter’s in Rome.

Santiago counts as one of the most important and holiest sites of the Christian world. Jakob the younger, one of the 12 apostles is buried there, which has made Santiago a centre of attraction and pilgrimage for millions of people from all walks of life since way back in the Middle Ages. In 2006 alone, some 5 million people visited Santiago.

A Coruña

A Coruña - „Ciudad de Cristal“ - the City of Glass, because of its famous glass windows overlooking A Coruña Harbour, is home to the well known football team „Deportivo A Coruña“.

With its yacht harbour and its famous „Torre de Hercules“ - the oldest functioning light house in the world and only recently named part of The World Heritage - A Coruña is a lively, vibrant and modern city with numerous attractions for its visitors. Not least the food and the night-life as well as its colourful history.

Costa da Morte

For all you adventurers out there, a drive down the „Costa da Morte“, which runs from Caion and Malpica in the north over Cape Finisterre - Land's End - down to Noia in the south, will provide you with more than enough impressions to want tell all your friends about once you are back home.

One beautiful little fishing village or town after the other are waiting to be savoured with all their beauty at your disposal. Home of the „Pulpo Galego“ - octopuss - and the „percebe“ as well as numerous other seafood especialities, together with its rugged wild coast and beautiful sandy beaches, the „Costa da Morte“ has always had a special effect on the human senses. See it once and it will not be enough.

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discover_malpica_01A peaceful 10 minute walk through wood lanes surrounded by beautiful green vegetation will lead you to the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic coast. They say that on a clear day and good eyesight you could see New York City in the distance. Of course, where the Atlantic is, there you will find beaches. Malpica - among many others - a picturesque fishing town with its colourful harbour and beautiful sandy beach is only a 5 minute drive away.

discover_malpica_02The many restaurants and cafeterias along its beach front provide the visitor with all the specialities that the „Costa da Morte“ is famous for. From its harbour you can also go on a boat-day-trip to the Islas Sisargas, just off the coast of Malpica, home to hundreds of different species of seagulls as well as other sea animals.


Land of the potters

discover_toepferei_03For centuries, Buño has been a landmark when it comes to pottery. The local pottery tradition has been handed down from father to son and teacher to pupil over the years without ever losing its uniqueness.


Famous the world over, Buño becomes the focus of attention in the whole region every year in summer when „A Mostra“ (pottery exhibition) takes place and the general public gets the chance to admire the works of the masters. A must for any pottery enthusiast.

A long time ago...

discover_historical_01…in the village of Borneiro. The fort „Castro da cidá Borneiro“ takes us back to the time of the Celts. The dolmen of Dombate situated approx 300m away, represents one of the best conserved megaliths with a great archaeological value in the whole of Galicia.

Be a tiger!

For all you golf enthusiasts, you will find several courses within an hour’s drive from „A Gloria“.

Club de Golf La Coruña
Hercules Club de Golf
Real Aero Club de Santiago


Near A Gloria…



Eucalyptus trees

Eucalyptus trees


More informations

The city of Santiago de Compostela, destination for the millions of pilgrims who arrive at this holy place every year along the Jakob’s Way.